Creator and founder of Authentic Eating, Collin Christine is on a mission to help women and men have a positive relationship with food and body. She is a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist and coach specializing in body image, emotional eating, and mindfulness. She has a Masters in Clinical Psychology and is certified from the Centre for Dieting and Eating Disorders. She is the author of ” How I Broke Free From Dieting” an ” The Remindful Food and Mood Journal”. Collin is a regular contributor to several highly trafficked lifestyle magazines and health and wellness media outlets. She is based in Santa Barbara, CA, but coaches people from all over their world helping them improve their relationships with food and body.

Collin is a regular contributor to high profile lifestyle magazines and health and wellness media outlets, include:

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Shine from the inside out Package 

This is my signature one-on-one program that has helped countless women and men reinvent the way they feel about themselves, so they can unleash the happy, healthy, authentic eater that lies beneath all those layers of body burden, and start caring about things that actually matter.

If you want to love your body and have a healthy relationship with food for the rest of your life, say goodbye to dieting and food obsession and run through the hilltops singing the sound of music, then this package is for you!

What you get with 2 months of private coaching with me:

2 months of private one-on-one coaching – I only take a limited number of private clients on at once and you’ll have my full attention and guidance over the 2-month period. You will receive a 30-minute session that will be once a week over phone or Skype.

A customized program – With the lessons and barriers to be addressed every week so you’ll know what issues we’ll be tackling.

Weekly rule-breaking missions – This is where the magic happens! Whether your biggest hold-ups are related to body image, self-doubt, fear, comparing yourself to other women, binging, self-care or trying to figure out who you are outside of food and fitness, we’ll do specific coaching exercises to deal with all of these.

Unlimited support: Unlimited email support, plus weekly email check-ins to make sure you’re working it. I’ll be there to ease those burning I-had-a-mirror-meltdown-fires and give you a little tough love when called for. I’m here for you every step of the way.

Copy of my best selling Food Journal “Remindful Food and Mood Journal” this journal helps you keep track of the what, why, when, and how of your eating habits during our program.

Copy of my bestselling book “How I broke free from Dieting” this book will help you release old eating habits and negative thoughts about your body that no longer serve you.

Want more details? Call now for a free 10-minute consultation

Want more details? Call now for a free 10 minute consultation

(805) 452-4489

Can’t schedule a one on one session yet with Collin? Check out her audio coaching session below to start your journey to better body image. In this 30 minute audio recording Collin will teach you the basics of how to be body positive. The recording includes support, resources, and education to jump start your way to a better body image.

Want more details? Call now for a free 10 minute consultation

BUY NOW: $29.95

This book covers my personal
experiences as an
emotional eater and the
lessons I learned
along the way that helped me stop
emotional eating


The purpose of this
guide is to help you
examine the reasons
why you’re overeating.
It will help you examine
the “why” “what” “when”
and “how” of your eating.


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