Client Testimonials

I really like talking to Collin, she’s very open and supportive. I’ve been to counseling a few times and this is the first time I’ve actually felt like I’m being helped. Collin listens and creates reading materials and worksheets to help me work through my issues. I feel like Collin is concerned with getting to the root of my problems versus bandaid fixing them.

- JR

Collin has slowly eased me into talking about myself. I’m dealing with several chronic diseases that will be lifelong and I have been adjusting to the new reality of me. Collin is kind and calm, and it is nice to know that I can just spew about how I am feeling or a crappy day or when I’m feeling really down. This is a safe place I can go where I can tell how I’m really feeling and not worry that I’m getting my family distressed because of my ongoing issues. Thanks, Collin (o:

- TR

Collin has helped me out greatly! She has a kind approach and has provided me with extremely valuable tools to manage anxiety and stress. She is a great listener. I highly recommend her. I am so grateful to be working with her!

- BR

I highly recommend Collin McShirley. She was understanding, empathetic, and supportive of my thoughts and needs. I felt safe speaking to her about anything. She always responded in a timely manner and validated my feelings while helping me through difficult circumstances.

- CB

Friendly, personable, and absolutely wonderful. Helped me navigate a difficult time in my life and deal with my own thought processes as well as how I approach the relationships around me. A + would seek therapy from again!

- AL

Collin is excellent and has really catered to my needs as a client.

- RN

Collin has a warm presence that puts one at ease, and a focused mind that quickly gets to the point of the matter. She was able to match her pace to what I felt comfortable within the moment. When I was warming up, she didn’t push me, and when I was ready to dig in deep, she was right there with me. She is able to be both comforting and challenging in an appropriate, respectful way, and that is what I was seeking.

- TO

Collin was very thoughtful and engaged throughout the entire process. She asked the right questions and encouraged me to write down many things during which I was able to gain clarity of my emotions and of my situation. I would recommend her.

- TN

Collin is one of the best people that I have been vulnerable with. She has such empathy and wisdom. She is a true healer! I feel that we were cut from the same vine of fruit and she makes me feel comfortable and confident in my own healing. I feel so blessed to have her on my team. In the few weeks that she has been my counselor, I have seen a great deal of change and breakthroughs. I am now confident in my choices and feel completely comfortable in my relationship with my partner. I look forward to the future and my experiences to come. Thank you Collin!

- NM

Collin is a very patient counselor and offered empathy and understanding. She was helpful in sorting through several personal matters and offered great advice.

- DC

Collin has changed my ideas on therapy. She is wonderful and I could see a definite change in myself in just talking to her in a few days.

- AR

It is really me doing the talking but knowing someone is listening and encouraging me is wonderful. I feel like I’ve been plugged in again. Collin is giving some great advice and I feel very positive that change is happening for me.

- AN